Have You Been Involved in a Commercial Truck Wreck?

It’s very common on Tennessee’s roads and highways to see commercial trucks traveling alongside passenger cars, and it can be quite terrifying to consider the destructive power of these huge vehicles when something goes awry on the road. Both the companies who own these heavy commercial trucks and the drivers who operate them are responsible to the public to ensure that these vehicles are operated correctly and that they’re safe to operate. When they fail to accept this responsibility they can be held responsible by the unfortunate victims of these serious accidents for the injuries they receive.

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Why Are Truck Accidents Considered Different to Passenger Car Accidents?

Victims of vehicle accidents face various difficulties once they’ve been injured; however, victims of commercial truck accidents are often expected to deal with more complicated legal claims for their injuries.

The reasons truck accident cases differ to passenger car accident cases include –

Heavy Commercial Trucks Do an Enormous Amount of Damage

In general, commercial trucks are larger and heavier than typical passenger vehicles and, when they collide with smaller vehicles, occupants of the car are either fatally or catastrophically injured. Because truck accidents are usually severe and there’s a high cost involved for treating the resulting injuries, both the trucking companies and the victims have a lot to lose.

Professional Drivers and Trucking Companies Are Involved

When it comes to car accidents it’s usually only the drivers and their respective insurance companies that are involved; however, commercial truck accidents can involve the trucking company, professional drivers, their insurance companies, their in-house attorneys, and even more. This results in one person, or one family, battling against parties who are more experienced in the legal process and have much to lose if the victim concerned is successful in winning their accident claim.

The Trucking Companies Are Fully Prepared to Defend Themselves

Companies that operate fleets of commercial trucks are fully prepared to defend themselves, their companies, and their drivers against compensation claims from accident victims. The insurance company involved and the trucking company and its drivers will fight tooth and nail against injury claims because it’s their reputation on the line, not to mention their careers; and for the trucking companies it’s also their bottom line. That’s why it’s imperative that victims of truck accidents understand their rights and are prepared to protect themselves: they must be treated in an appropriate and respectful manner and should not be forced to give up their rights to compensation.

We know that cases involving reckless delivery vans and tractor-trailer wrecks are more complicated than typical passenger-car accident claims, but there’s some positive news for victims who have suffered extreme losses. Tennessee is one of many states whereby trucking companies and truckers have higher insurance limits, meaning that accident victims may be able to receive more in compensation than they would in a typical car accident claim.

What Kinds of Compensation Might Tennessee Truck Accident Victims Receive?

Compensation available to victims who have been injured in a truck accident in Tennessee is usually broken down into specific categories: these categories must then be ‘proven’ with evidence and documentation during the legal process. Following a truck accident, typical claims for potential compensation might include –

• Pain and suffering
• Medical bills
• Emotional trauma
• Lost wages and earning capacity
• Expected future needs
• Others23897571_m

Trucking companies and their relevant insurance companies are very experienced in protecting their own interests, and although victims have the right to seek compensation under the law, they shouldn’t depend on these companies to support their needs and/or compensate the true worth of their claim. So, if you or a loved family member have been injured in a truck wreck, it’s vitally important that you have a highly experienced and knowledgeable representative of your own – someone who’ll protect you and your rights. Fortunately, there are some very successful and highly experienced professionals available to help.

Our Nashville Law Firm Handles the Following Truck Accident Cases –

The professionals at Jeff Roberts & Associates assist accident victims in navigating their way through various kinds of truck accident cases, including accidents involving –

• Shipping trucks
• Buses
• Tractor-trailers and semis
• Heavy work vehicles
• Severe spinal and brain injuries
• Wrongful death

The attorneys at Jeff Roberts & Associates are highly skilled and experienced legal representatives, devoted to ensuring that accident victims are treated fairly and that their rights are protected. Jeff Roberts & Associates has handled numerous injury cases over the years and we know how to build a strong case for our clients. Jeff is a former insurance adjuster, so he knows exactly how these companies think and act, and what to expect in the most serious and difficult cases. Jeff Roberts & Associates take on cases they believe in, and their aim is to develop a strong, personal relationship with every client who accepts their help.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Perhaps you’d simply like to sit and talk with us and get a clearer idea of what we do, or maybe you’re unsure if you actually have a case; either way we’re here to help you! Yes, we may be aggressive in the courtroom when defending our clients, but basically, we’re local, home-grown attorneys who really do care about accident victims and what they’re going through. We’ll do everything in our power to help you!

Truck Drivers Are Not Always at Fault

We also understand at Jeff Roberts & Associates, PLLC that sometimes truck drivers are unfairly assumed to be the reckless driver and therefore the cause of an accident, simply because they’re driving semi-trucks. We understand that, in reality, truck drivers’ years of driving experience and quick thinking have often minimized the injuries sustained and damage caused in automobile accidents. Truck drivers, in general, are cautious drivers; however, they can’t assume to know when a motorist will drive in their blind-spot, take their eyes off the road, or engage in reckless behavior on the road. When a truck driver becomes a victim of an accident, that driver also deserves good legal representation in order to both protect themselves from being wrongly accused and to recover from their injuries. Our highly-experienced Nashville injury attorneys are available to help accident victims of all kinds; to protect their best interests and help them navigate their way through what-can-be a confusing and complicated legal process.

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