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Almost 1,000 people suffer from dog bites every day. Being a dog owner demands a certain level of care, both for the pets they love so much and for the safety of others around these animals. That is why it is sad to see when some people do not like to take this responsibility very seriously. Owners like this are the reason others get hurt, suffering from life-altering dangerous dog attacks.
21192836_m (1)Injuries from a dog bite in Nashville can be life-altering. Victims are left with possible injuries such as amputation, broken bones, disfigurement as well as serious infections. Lifelong emotional trauma and reconstructive surgery, permanent and painful scarring are just some of the aftermath of a dog bite attack in Nashville.
Have you or a loved one been attacked by a dog? Under Tennessee law, you may be entitled to compensation to cover for the sometimes huge medical bills, pain and suffering, future earnings and time lost from work. One other problem you may unfairly have to deal with is having the insurance company harass you into accepting any amount, whether it covers your expenses and your sufferings or not. Jeff Roberts has experience as a former insurance claims adjuster, and that is why you can be sure to get the justice you deserve and as well fight for your compensation from the insurance company.

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9470326_mTennessee laws on dog bites can be quite complex. For instance, the state allows for dog bite victims to recover damages caused by careless dog owners. In some situations however, it can be extremely difficult to prove this, particularly in a place where someone is killed in this kind of attack and there are no witnesses, or the victim of the dog bite is just a child and there are no witnesses. There are various state laws on dog attacks, apart from the ones in different cities and counties, which sometimes are at variance with one another. After you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a Nashville dog attack, you need the backing of experienced Jeff Roberts Associates dog bite lawyers to get you the justice you need and deserve. Call us today for a free initial consultation. We can review your claims and provide answers to any questions you have. Call us today at 615-425-4400 or submit an online contact form.

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Asking for help after you or your loved one has sustained injury from a Tennessee dog bite, is an important step while you are trying to move on with your life. Our experienced injury attorneys have represented countless victims of dog bite, as they seek compensation for the harm they have suffered. We look forward to listening to your concerns, and we can help you learn more about your rights in a no-obligation, safe and confidential environment. Call our law office in Nashville immediately at 615-425-4400. We would review your case for free. Contact us by submitting a contact form online so we could listen to your concerns immediately.


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