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Tennessee’s scenery is beautiful, and the roads and highways are great places to ride. However, sometimes the ride for motorcyclists becomes a little more thrilling than they intended. Sadly, motorcycle accidents are very common in Tennessee, particularly in the warm weather months, and as a result many riders are injured or killed every year. It’s true that sometimes these riders have made poor choices and taken unnecessary risks, but motorcycle accidents are often caused by negligent or reckless drivers in passenger vehicles.

6660574_mWhen the driver of a vehicle makes a reckless driving decision, such as pulling out in front of a motorcycle rider, the motorcycle is left with nowhere to go, and the rider has almost no protection from the impending impact. We know that bikers have a bad reputation for acting unsafe on our roads; however, reckless drivers should stop blaming the victims and accept responsibility for the deaths and injuries they have caused.

If either you or a family member has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident with another vehicle, you have the right to recover financial compensation for what occurred. But you need to know how to protect your rights, what the legal process entails, and you must understand why the accident occurred. If you’re ready to instigate a claim for injuries caused by a motorcycle accident, please call our motorcycle accident attorneys in Nashville at 615-425-4400 and ask for a free case review.

Why Serious Motorcycle Accidents Occur on Tennessee Roads and Highways

The reasons behind every accident are different, and it’s not always a simple matter to determine why the accident occurred, what the contributing factors were, or who was at fault. However, it’s been our experience that motorcyclists are commonly killed or injured by drivers because they –

• Were distracted;
• Were not looking out for motorcycles;
• Ignored the road rules; or
• Don’t fully understand how our traffic laws apply to motorcyclists.

Some motorcycle accidents have occurred due to a faulty motorcycle or safety equipment, debris lying on the road or dangerous road conditions that should have been rectified. Regardless of how the accident occurred, though, all victims involved in motorcycle accidents will experience similar challenges in the aftermath of an accident.

Tennessee Motorcycle Accidents: The Rights of Victims

Fortunately, Tennessee law allows injured victims of negligent companies or unsafe drivers to seek financial compensation for their injuries and other losses.

Every case is individual, but compensation for motorcycle accidents might include –

• Current and future medical and care expenses;
• Loss of wages and earning capacity;
• Mental health treatment;
• Pain and suffering;
• Disability and disfigurement; and
• Changes in quality of life and emotional losses.

If a reckless driver has caused a member of your family to be fatally injured in an accident, be aware that surviving members of that family have every legal right to seek compensation for their loss. Please contact us on 615-425-4400 to discuss what losses may be covered in your particular case and the potential worth of your claim. You must understand that, even when it’s plainly obvious that the driver who hit the victim was at fault, victims of accidents are not automatically granted compensation. So, victims must take appropriate steps to preserve their rights following a motorcycle accident.

These steps include –

• Asking for and receiving medical attention as soon as possible;
• Collecting as much information as you can at the scene of the accident;
• Do not have your motorcycle repaired;
• At all costs, avoid signing anything and/or speaking with the insurance adjuster; and
• At your earliest opportunity you need to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

These steps may seem obvious, and simple, but they could well protect you following a motorcycle accident. It’s important that you speak with an attorney immediately following a motorcycle accident in order to gain as much information as possible, in addition to accessing legal support while you focus on your recovery.

It’s Imperative That You Speak with an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Nashville

The experienced attorneys at Jeff Roberts & Associates understand only too well how devastating an accident can be to a family’s future. Our aim is to level the playing field between huge insurance companies and individuals; and because Jeff Roberts was previously an insurance adjuster, he knows how insurance companies can often disrespect and lack sympathy for victims of motorcycle accidents.

Accident victims may experience –

• Settlement offers that are way too low – offers that don’t take into account future medical needs and non-medical losses;
• Delays and denials;
• Accusations of fault in the motorcycle accident;
• Undue pressure for the victim to sign away their rights, or give unnecessary statements;
• Attempts to minimize the severity of the victim’s injuries and associated losses;
• Surprising time limits, and other delays and complications.

The only way to avoid these kinds of problems and to fight back is to place your trust in highly experienced attorneys in Tennessee, such as Jeff Roberts & Associates, PLLC. It’s important that you understand your rights! We’ll begin a free case review and investigate your options. We’ve had great success in securing real results for accident victims and we’re always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are well taken care of. Your initial meeting with us will be a no-pressure, no-obligation meeting where we’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss your concerns. Let us help you recover financially, so you can put the pieces of your life back together. By working together, we can start making it right for your family!


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