$364,500 Settlement After a Car Accident

Our clients received this settlement after being hit by a car dealership vehicle that was traveling at a high rate of speed on the interstate.

$450,000 Settlement for Catastrophic Injuries Sustained from a Falling Tree

Construction site injuries occur too often. A settlement was reached at mediation for a man who suffered a severe head injury from a falling tree negligently hit by a co-worker on a Bobcat.

$350,000 Settlement After a Car Accident

An out of court settlement was obtained for a lady who suffered a fractured neck when a company truck rear-ended our client’s car. While the case was pending it was discovered that the company had been warned repeatedly by its employees to repair the brakes.

$1.25 Million Settlement for Injuries Resulting from a Dump Truck Accident

A $1.25 million settlement was reached just before trial against a construction company and its employee. During trial preparation it was discovered that the dump truck driver had been “Doctor Shopping” for narcotics, getting multiple pain medication prescriptions prior to the wreck.  Although the driver denied being under the influence at the time of the collision his erratic driving was seen by numerous witnesses that were interviewed. This discovery led to the increased settlement value.

$4 Million Settlement in a Trucking Accident

In the early morning hours on the interstate, an 18 wheeler lost two wheels that flew across the median and hit my client’s car. He suffered severe injuries that left him in a coma for three months and later in need of lifetime medical care. Lots of finger pointing occurred among the many defendants, each one blaming the other. Several weeks before the trial was set to begin a $4 Million settlement was reached with the assistance of a mediator.


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