Claims Against Negligent Property Owners in Tennessee

It’s a dilemma! If you’re injured while you’re a guest in someone’s home, a retail store customer, or perhaps a visitor on a public property, it can be very hard to know what to do. Obviously, if you’re a guest in someone’s home you won’t want to ‘point fingers’, and perhaps others might say ou are simply being clumsy.

37873995_mOf course, some slips & falls are simply accidents; however, there are occasions when property owners ignore potentially harmful conditions and/or act recklessly. So, it’s important in these cases that victims understand that they do have rights: rights that ensure the public are not injured on unsafe property; rights that offer them protection and provide avenues for them to pursue the compensation they rightfully deserve under the law.

If you’ve been injured on a property in Tennessee, such as a trip, slip, fall, or any other injury, don’t wait another moment to discover your rights. There’s a lot of work to be done to achieve a successful outcome for folks who get hurt in no fault of their own, because we all know that the law can often be complicated and difficult to understand.

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Under What Circumstances Can a Person in Tennessee Recover for Their Losses Against Property Owners?

We can’t blame property owners for every trip, slip, or fall that occurs on their property. Property owners (or person responsible for the property) only become liable for an injury if they knew, or maybe should have probably known, that the property was in an unsafe condition.

If this sounds confusing, the truth can be confusing! Some accidents might appear very similar on the outside, but there are many aspects of an accident that might affect a victims’ rights, and these might not be obvious. To assist you in appreciating the complexity of this subject, here are some examples of when a property liability lawsuit may be appropriate –

• A deck has collapsed during a party at a private residence. Many people have been seriously hurt in the accident;
• Employees of a grocery store are fully aware that the roof above the fresh-products department leaks whenever it rains; however, it has never had repaired. An elderly shopper slips on the wet floor and, as a result, breaks her arm;
• The carpet in a dimly lit motel or hotel stairway is loose. Subsequently, a guest that visits trips over the carpet and sustains serious injuries when they fall.

In the above examples, any property owner, or employee of the property owner, acting in a reasonable manner would be aware of the hazardous condition and doesn’t take appropriate and immediate action to repair the damage. They’d also warn people of the potential danger.

This means that, if you’ve disregarded a warning sign and you’ve slipped and fallen, or you’ve tripped because you had an untied shoelace, the property owner is not responsible for your injuries. However, you may be able to recover financial compensation for your injuries if you’ve tripped or fallen due to a potentially preventable condition that’s been negligently ignored by the property owner.

Difficulties for Tennessee Victims When It Comes to Unsafe Properties

In Tennessee, the rules and regulations for premises liability cases can be quite complicated, particularly for someone without a law background. Yes, the law does allow for people injured on unsafe premises to go after compensation from the owner of the property; however, the victims must be able to prove their cases in a legal way. This means they must be able to show –

• They were injured due to the unsafe condition;
• The owner of the property has a legal responsibility to make sure their property is a safe premises;
• The property owner, or employees of the property owner knew or should’ve known about the hazardous condition; and
• The property owner, or employees of the property owner did not address the unsafe issue in a timely manner.

In addition, victims who decide to legally pursue compensation require the assistance of highly competent and highly experienced attorneys & expert witnesses in order to both calculate & prove real extents of their losses, which would possibly include any or all of the following –

• Financial losses, like lost wages and medical bills;
• Future medical expenses;
• Loss of career or ability to work;
• The inability to live a normal life; and
• Pain & suffering, & emotional losses caused by the injury/s.

Unfortunately for victims, negligent property owners and respective insurance companies understand the law only too well and have extensive experience in protecting themselves against compensation claims from people who’ve suffered an injury on their property. And they’re aware that victims of hazardous premises usually don’t fully understand how insurance companies work; plus, they’re not aware of their rights or what to expect from the highly complicated legal process if they pursue a claim for compensation.

It’s for these very reasons that accident victims should work with an experienced attorney; one who’s been successful in handling premises liability cases in the past. In this way, victims have an opportunity to level the playing field between themselves and large companies.

You Can Depend on Our Nashville TN Premises Liability Attorneys to Work Hard for You!

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Today, we’re totally dedicated to helping people wrongfully injured understand their rights and to helping them obtain their rights within the law. Our aim is to make it comfortable and easy for victims to receive the legal support they desperately need.

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