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The grief felt when a loved one is lost becomes more unbearable when the death of such a loved one results from someone’s reckless and negligent behavior. Losing a family member can cause untold grief that can lead to feelings of anger, confusion and hopelessness. In Nashville, Tennessee, it is normal to have questions about the deadline for bringing a wrongful death lawsuit or the types of damages recoverable in a wrongful death. Your top most priority might not be financial compensation, but the wrongful death of a loved one can be avenged by you taking the necessary action. By filing a lawsuit, grieving family members who are struggling to recover from a tragedy can receive their desired relief.

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What Is a Wrongful Death Claim in Tennessee?

The death of an individual caused by the recklessness, intentional action or negligence of a person, especially when the death could have been prevented is known as a wrongful death.  A company, government agency or person can be charged with such claims. Depending on the circumstances and details of the accident, some practical examples include:

  • Slip and fall accidents from unsafe business or home premises.
  • Auto wreck from recklessly driving, or speeding leading to someone’s death
  • Auto wreck from intoxicated or drunk driving
  • A criminal act, such as an assault
  • Construction accidents
  • Injury resulting from defective equipment parts or improperly tested equipment
  • A medical misdiagnosis or mistake, as well as pharmacists errors

Financial compensation for the grieving family, or the responsible party getting a criminal charge in a civil wrongful death claim is usually the resultant effect of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Those Eligible to File a Claim:

Filing a wrongful death claim in Tennessee can be done by:

  • Parents
  • Spouses
  • Children
  • A personal administrator or representative of an estate
  • Siblings

The duration it takes to file the claim should not exceed one year, under Tennessee laws. Although certain details could bring an exemption to this rule, as each case varies because of the circumstances surrounding them is different from another.  Proper investigations have to be conducted to establish all relevant facts of the case in order to build an effective and equally successful case, family members have to file a wrongful death lawsuit on time.

What Is Gained by Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Tennessee?

You would be taking a sure step towards progress in your recovery process by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. You have the justice you deserve and answers to questions you are seeking.

  • Peace of mind. After a terrible and preventable accident, when families of the victims receive justice, they get a sense of closure that they desire. When a person responsible for the wrongful death of another person gets sued, it could serve as a deterrent to those who do not respect the lives of other people or take other peoples life for granted.
  • Financial recovery. The expenses that come with the death of a loved one is surprising huge. Loss of parental guidance, expensive medical bills, loss of wages, funeral and burial costs, loss of finances between the time of injury and death are all expenses taken up by families of victims of wrongful deaths.

Jeff Roberts & Associates Is Here to Help Families Legally Recover After a Wrongful Death

In determining the validity of a wrongful death claim, the evidence gathered is very important. Jeff Roberts & Associates are more than willing to hold your hand at difficult times, guiding you through the process of obtaining justice for your entire family and loved one. Our attorneys in Nashville have established themselves as result -driven and reputable lawyers. Immediately contact them and let them help you investigate the death of your loved one and ensure prompt filing of all legal paper work and get all important records sorted out.

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